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Live life out loud.
is now conducting Intensive
Radical Honesty Workshops
in Costa Rica! 

How would your life be different
if you were more honest ?

Lying is a major source of human stress. It wears us out, traps us in our minds, and makes us angry, lonely, and depressed.

Honesty wakes us up, creates intimacy, and reinvigorates our life. When we engage honestly with each other, energy that was wasted on making an impression is suddenly available for real creativity, forgiveness, transformation, and love.

“Radical Honesty has been profoundly instrumental in helping me reshape my view of the world, how I see myself in it and how I choose to move through it. This experiential practice of self-exploration while in contact with another person has helped me confront mySelf in a way that I had been avoiding for many years by attempting to ’go it alone’ with meditation and self-study.”



Co-founder of Cascada Elysiana, Mak has a BA in Psychology and is a certified Radical Honesty Trainer. Since 2015, he has been a trainer-in-training under the guidance of Radical Honesty founder, Dr. Brad Blanton, and RH Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne.






You're braver than you think.

 "These workshops are designed for us to help each other get over our troubles and be freer, happier, healthier and more connected by being more honest. It's challenging, it's a lot of fun, and it may be some of the deepest work you'll ever do."  --  Mak

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