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7 Animals to Watch at Cascada Elysiana

Our Eco Lodge – Cascada Elysiana – is located in the mountains, surrounded by green jungle and blessed with our own 58-meter waterfall, swimming holes, and a yoga deck. Being that close to nature, we get quite a few different animals to drop by and visit us.

Here are 7 animals you might be able to see at Cascada Elysiana

1. Toucans

Those beautiful birds are frequent visitors to our Eco Lodge and come by every second day on average. At times, you can see up to four of them at the same time. We took this picture from one of our Glamping Tents when one toucan ate mushrooms from a tree trunk.

Can you spot the toucan?

2. Blue Morpho Butterfly

The Blue Morpho is the largest butterfly here in Costa Rica. I see at least two of them daily on the yoga deck, zig-zagging through the air: they use a very distinct flight pattern and are beautiful to watch. But there are plenty other butterfly and moth species around here. You can just laze in a hammock, enjoy the Pura Vida, and one will probably visit you!

3. White-faced monkeys

The white-faced monkey (also known as Capuchin monkey) came by three days ago and sat on top of our yoga decks. At times, we have an entire troop of them coming by in the early morning hours. Sometimes they keep away from us humans though, so it’s hard to predict when they will be around.

4. Sloths

Now, these guys are very hard to spot and we haven’t seen one recently. However, we know they are around the property since we recently found one that died of (probably) old age. If you spend a day around the hiking trails and keep your eyes open, chances are you just might see one. If you do, let the others now and we make you a batido on the house.

5. Iguanas (and many other reptiles)

Large Iguanas sometimes sunbath very close to our balcony and you can see them poke their heads out of the jungle. There are a whole lot of other reptiles here, large and small.

6. Armadillos and Anteaters

These guys are really shy and you have to be very lucky to see them.

7. Copito

And, of course, there’s always our friendly house dog Copito. If he is not chasing cars or motorbikes, you can say Hi to him and he will probably be happy to see you.

Copito in his favorite yoga pose, the cobra!

An ever changing Flora and Fauna

Of course, there’s a lot more to see here and the flora and fauna is in constant movement. You might be able to spot animals not listed here (and hopefully tell us about them :)) or you might be unlucky and catch a day when nothing shows up – that’s how nature works out here. However, you can always just have a coffee or fruit shake and visit the waterfall.

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